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3 Years of Ingine Ensight – ‘The Dream to Think Independently, yet Together’.

“The most known parameter to measure the success of a new business is to see its growth trend over 1000 days of the span.”

Back in 2017, on 17th of May – 1096 days ago, until when it was just a dream that three of us shared. ‘The Dream to Think Independently, yet Together’. We were fresh engineering graduates, childhood friends and passionate about carrying a change, that’s mostly about us. We knew negligible about the business, market, finance, and human resource. We were unsure about all these terms, but the only surety we had was about the endless potential of our dream. We determined to turn this dream into reality and to survive for at least 1000 days.

And now, after 1000 days, we are happy to present you the story of the journey to our 3rd anniversary.

As our first paddles, we took the direction we were confident in i.e. Mechanical Engineering. And specifically, we went into the training of Internal Combustion Engines by starting ‘Mind Your Engine’ portfolio. We were successful to be offered collaboration from more than 10 institutes to train their students in our specially tailored workshops.

Moved by our training, many students discovered their career orientation and enrolled for our advanced workshops. This not only added a motor but kick-started it for us to speed on our journey.

After crossing one milestone, we embarked on the road of Web, Software and Application development, these were the wheels supported by our engineering friends. We were four-wheeled when we started with ‘Soft Ensight’.

It took almost a year to set-up a team and framework for Soft Ensight. And in a year, we had our motor upgraded for more horsepower. We made several websites and applications in that year. Then, the real change happened when Brandsmug was officially formulated and we had our turbos in place. 

Soft Ensight turned into a bigger team with a vision under ‘Brandsmug Marketing Solutions name in June 2019. It has served more than 100 businesses to establish their digital presence.

Back in August 2017, when we were still struggling with paddles and a lot of manual effort, another sector was in consideration as in collaboration with ‘KJ educational institute’ – Trinity Plus Sports. This was indeed that set of stabilizer wheels that did not let us fall.

Sports was something we had in us from the days of childhood and cricket was closer to the hearts. It was not difficult for us to get a hold on that.

And the overwhelming participation and appreciation from all over Maharashtra made it even easier for us.

We became the change-makers in Pune’s cricket world.

Trinity Plus Sports Awards 2018 was the on-ramp event of our success when, along with celebrating our business growth, we could recognise the local cricket stars, women cricketers and the senior players for their contribution to cricket among 600+ nominations through 2500+ registered players.

After being a successful joint-venture with Trinity for more than 2 years, now we are independent sports organiser under Ashtapailu Sports Complex name.

Also, a lot, although mostly unrecognised progress was made in the Education department. We implemented many good projects as science and technology workshop, quiz and competition and scholarship for competitive exam’s aspirants. ‘Swatantryachi Pahaat’, ‘STEE- Science Technology Education and Exhibition’, ‘Spardha Pariksha Mahotsav’ were some of the key projects that were implemented and were appreciated by students, faculties and institutes.

Though there is still a lot of scope in this arena as we might have not performed equally well as we did on the other tracks, we hope to be more consistent and thoughtful for such implementations in the future.

Recently, we started working with ‘evolvD Technologies’ on Research and development of smart display solutions, which will change the future of displays, Touch screens and related electronic gadgets.

It may look like we are entering on different tracks at the same time, but we are enabling ourselves with an all-terrain drive feature! For we take expansion into different marketplaces as a mitigation to the slow-down in the market due to calamities like Covid-19; we believe that profitability might be a time-consuming phenomenon but expansion definitely costs less. And, who knows if it could land us on the moon.”

So this is our story. Of having had cross 1000 days and certainly, the same number of obstacles right from physical, mental, financial, social and moral.

But we made it count with our belief in the art of working independently together. We are free, independent and confident about dreams, work, passion and success, we look for in the upcoming years.

With more dreams and even more excitement, we will be in business perhaps after clamping on better performing wheels from October 2020.


Thank you for your time and cheers to all our clients, well-wishers, friends and families, without whom it all would be just a dream.

Love you 1000 and counting!

– Team Ingine Ensight

Team Ingine Ensight

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