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Current Situation of Engineering and Reasons behind it

Current Situation of Engineering could be judged on-

Employability, Quality of Education, Faculty’s Industrial Exposure, Institute Status, and Government’s education Policy for Engineering.

All the IITs and NITs along with few other Institutes are performing extremely well but then the number of Engineers produced from this institute are very few (Only About 5-10% of Engineers). Other than these Institutes there are other Engineering Colleges as well. Together these colleges Provide Majority of Engineers in India.

The People Who shape the World needs reshaping!

These other Colleges apart from IIT’s and NIT’s do require a serious Improvement in their approach. They need to revise their Methodology Because every year so many no of Engineers pass out and the majority of them are not having Employment! Most of the Colleges are Affiliated to Universities which means that they have to teach the same syllabus designed by University.

As a result, the tendency to adopt new changes as per changing Job Market is lacking within the institutes. They are stuck to old Syllabus, Mostly students are not aware of what is going on in the Market. This means that such types of engineer are few Steps behind those engineers who have passed from IITs and NITs.

The difference is not between the potential level of these engineers of IITs and other Engineering Colleges but the difference lies in Mindset.

And We solely believe that this mindset somewhat depends upon the quality of engineering we are learning in our 4 years of Engineering.

Why does this mindset lack in most of the Engineering Students?

  • One possible reason for the current situation of engineering is that there are very few Autonomous colleges. This Autonomy status of the Institute could be very beneficial for the students. Because in an autonomous Institute they can change the course curriculum and they can redesign it whenever they want based on the discussion with industrialists.
Current Situation of Engineering
Faculty having Industrial Experience
  • Lack of industrial experience of faculty: According to Chronicle Engineering Survey of 2017, 63% of faculties are having just 0-5 years of industrial experience. whereas only 15% of faculties are having experience of more than 10 years.
With very limited or no Industrial experience how are these faculties going to make students job ready?
  • Engineers themselves are not taking initiatives to develop their mindset.

What are the Reasons behind the Current Situation of Engineering?

    • In the past few years, there have been no changes in the employability of Indian engineering graduates.
    • India’s Higher Education System still needs systematic changes.

According to the Aspiring Minds National Employability Report of 2019, 80% of Engineers are not employable for any job in the knowledge economy which is quite disheartening.

  • There is no serious engagement between education providers and employers.
  • Employers are not happy with the engineering talent pool.
  • There is very little focus on Research. Only mugging up for the exam and no focus on concepts and techniques has led to the deterioration of engineering.
  • The academic framework is absent. It creates hindrance in the path of the student to develop themselves from an overall perspective.
  • There is No response from the Universities to the changing needs of the syllabus.
  • Future is all about automation, AI, Robotics. But at the institute level, no one is taking major steps to nurture the required skills.
  • Ignorance of the art of communication by the Engineering graduates. No law, No concept you know is going to be useful unless you can express. 
  • Lack of attitude within Engineers to upgrade skills. Every technology someday will get old. Then you must be prepared to upgrade your skills to match upcoming technology.

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