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Do you think you are a Real Engineer?

A great Engineer is someone who can work for the betterment of society, and let me be clear with you, society starts from you!

Who is an Engineer?

A Person who owns a Degree in the Engineering field?


Someone you see with some usual yet outstanding skills which he/she uses to simplify every problem that comes across!

So I would like to tell you something, Engineering is not just a degree, it’s a way of thinking and in some conditions a way of life! A great Engineer is someone who can work for the betterment of society, and let me be clear with you, society starts from you! Do you want to do something good for your society, your country? First of all, do something for yourself, have a fine education, job, business – a stable income source!

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Once you have your basic needs sorted, you have already helped your country, society by reducing the burden of unemployment and you will be paying taxes! So you will be paying to your country for the betterment!

Lately, we heard so many news about Engineering education’s qualitative deterioration and quantitative upliftment!

We are aware that many of the engineers are opting for different careers than their Engineering field? Why? Is it a good thing or not?

There are two types of Engineers in the world!

One who likes Engineering and they LEARN by their own choice!

And other ones, who are forced to STUDY engineering by parents, society, peers!

So if you just Study Engineering, You are dead in this competitive world, as Engineering is not something you will get just from books, formulas, and theories!

Engineering is something more than those-

4 Years,40 Subjects,
400 Experiments,
4000 Assignments!

It doesn’t really matter in which field you are working unless you learnt Engineering with compassion!  It’s how you apply your skills to your work that matters be it technical and non-technical!

You have great examples of Successful Engineers in Nontechnical fields as well! But they all have a common thing, they used their engineering experience in their respective fields!

And when I say Engineering Experience, it does not count your marks, certificates or grades!

Creative Engineers- EngineerSouls

So if you can understand what type of Experience I am talking, you are already halfway there. Because you know what you are getting from your college life!

Are you confused, whether you are an Engineer material?

Just think, do you have the following qualities or not:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Creative Problem Solving(Yup, I had to mention separately)
  3. Adapting
  4. Visualizing
  5. Improvisation
  6. Systematic Thinking

If you have can relate to the above points, you are good to go! And if not, it’s okay, it is just a part of the game, so you need to Learn those skills along with many other. And if you think it’s just a checklist and it can’t define who you are, no one is stopping you from getting an Engineer’s degree!

But believe me, my Friend, You won’t be an Engineer!

-Engineer Souls

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